FLOURISH holds its second Media and Showcase Event to launch latest research findings

19 November 2018

The FLOURISH driverless car research and development project held its second media and showcase event on 23rd October 2018. The full-day event, comprising presentations, an Exhibition Zone and the opportunity to experience CAV technologies in action, was attended by representatives from various organisations across the CAV sector and beyond.

At the event, FLOURISH Technical Director, Dr Wolfgang Schuster (of Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin group) provided an overview of the project’s objectives, its research findings to date on user expectations of and trust in CAVs, its car trials testing secure communications and important regulatory considerations. On behalf of FLOURISH, Dr Schuster also released the project’s Mid-Project Trials Report, which showcases the latest research findings exploring:

  • User needs and expectations of their interface with CAVs, with a focus on older adults.
  • Cyber-secure and resilient communications between CAVs and the roadside infrastructure
  • Harnessing data to optimise the running and efficiency of future local and regional transport networks.

Following from Dr Schuster, Mervyn Kohler from Age UK explained that FLOURISH is unique as we involve older adults in the design process. This is enabling the project to learn how CAVs can be designed to cater for older adults and how projects like FLOURISH increase mobility, reduce loneliness and help people to lead happier and healthier lives.

Dr Phil Morgan from Cardiff University expanded on the issues raised by Mervyn Kohler and outlined how FLOURISH is using a co-design process to cater for the needs of older adults. Dr Morgan explained the design process for the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that is being developed in FLOURISH, and the benefits of involving the potential early adopters, older adults, into the design process. This process ensures that the HMI is suitable for the needs of older adults. Dr Morgan also gave an insight into the first FLOURISH simulator trial, as well as the recent pod trial. One key result was that people still want some control of CAVs, such as the ability to influence their route or to make a safe stop. Participants also indicated that they would like the option to interact with the CAV using both touch and voice interaction.

As part of Dr Morgan’s presentation, FLOURISH also launched its new film which demonstrates the user-centred approach of the project, and the potential benefits that CAVs may have older adults.

Professor Robert J. Piechocki from the University of Bristol focused on the importance of secure, trustworthy and private communications for CAVs and the future of mobility. Explaining how the road infrastructure will change drastically in the future, he spoke about how the project is exploring the vehicle-to-infrastructure communications for CAVs.

Finally, Sophie Bonnel and Lucy Pegler, from AXA and Burges Salmon respectively, spoke about the importance of the legal and insurance sectors being an enabler to CAVs. They also launched the second FLOURISH legal and insurance report, which outlines that GDPR is not a barrier to the implementation of CAVs, but that users of the future need to be able to trust their data is safe. The report also recommended that industry and government stakeholders need to collaborate for the deployment of CAVs to be successful.    

Following the presentations, attendees were able to experience the FLOURISH Exhibition Zone. This enabled attendees to learn more about the innovative outputs that are being developed during the project and provided networking opportunities with the project partners. The attendees were also able to experience the FLOURISH pod and simulator.

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of blogs based on the presentations given by the speakers at the Media and Showcase event. Please check back to find out more about each of the presentations.

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