FLOURISH launches film to demonstrate benefits of connectivity

The FLOURISH connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) research and development project has today released a film to demonstrate how data can be leveraged to optimise the functionality of the road network and provide an enhanced user experience.

In particular, the FLOURISH car trials have investigated the requirements for the effective, secure and resilient transfer of data between vehicles and with the cyber-physical infrastructure around them. FLOURISH partner, the University of Bristol, has also pioneered the application of Fog-Based Computing to CAVs, providing a mechanism for the real-time transfer of data between vehicles and the network. More immediate than cloud-based solutions, this ground-breaking new technology enables vehicles – and fleets of vehicles – to respond to changing road and traffic conditions and assures the provenance of the data source.

Watch the film below to find out more about how the work conducted in FLOURISH will benefit road-users, transport operators and cities more widely.

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