FLOURISH holds annual showcase and launches Insurance & Legal report

6th July 2017

FLOURISH holds annual showcase and launches Insurance & Legal report


Today the FLOURISH Consortium holds its first annual media and showcase event.


As the project prepares to enter the next phase of its research and development programme, a panel of industry experts will provide an exclusive insight into how FLOURISH is designing inclusive mobility solutions for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs).


Attendees will have a unique opportunity to hear from the Consortium’s partners helping to shape the UK’s legal and regulatory environment; learn how innovations such as Artificial Intelligence modelling can improve decision-making in driverless cars; and directly engage with the experts enabling the next generation of transport.


Professor Tim Broyd, President of the Institution of Civil Engineers, said:

"Over the last few years we've begun to think very differently about our road networks and the way we use them. Increasing congestion, an ageing demographic, a rise in rural isolation and the growth in technology have led to considerations much more about mobility than just transport. The development of Connected Autonomous Vehicles shows considerable potential, but requires far more than just technology alone if the public's trust is to be won. I'm delighted to see the mix of technical, legal, human behaviour and insurance disciplines being combined in the FLOURISH project."

The consortium also launches its Insurance and Legal Report, which has been jointly produced by AXA UK and Burges Salmon.


The report identifies the shape of emerging issues and makes recommendations pertaining to investment, data and cyber security that will contribute to the next stage in the evolution of CAVs.  


Chris Jackson, Head of Transport at independent UK law firm Burges Salmon, said:


"Where you've got transformative technology and movement of data, there's always a fear that insurance or legal will be seen as something that gets in the way. With the FLOURISH Consortium, these functions are being used as enablers. There will clearly be a period of disruptive change - with the data and the technology -but in relation to cyber-security standards and how responsibility is allocated, the legal and insurance systems are capable of evolving in parallel with and in a complementary way."


David Williams, Technical Director, AXA said:


“Connectivity is fundamental to the evolution of the transport ecosystem but brings with it new and emerging risks, such as cyber security and data protection. The fact is the emerging CAV ecosystem is bigger than any one industry. If we genuinely believe in the societal benefits CAVs can bring then it is incumbent on motor manufacturers, infrastructure providers and transport network operators to standardise and allow access to crucial data. That way, the relevant third parties such as insurers and the emergency services will be able play their part in the event of an accident.”


To access a full copy of the report, please click on the following link

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